This will definitely be our year: well if not, maybe next season

I must admit I’m one of the Liverpool fans who think at the beginning of each season that Liverpool will end there 20 year drought and win England’s top League. Every summer the reds have made some exciting singings and get all the kopites hopes up yet we always end up disappointed. This season has seen some long awaiting silverware arrive back at Anfield with the League Cup: but this is surely not good enough for a club of Liverpool’s stature. Below are 5 conclusions that sum up Liverpool’s season so far.

1)      Lucas has become the most important player in the Liverpool squad. Before his injury Liverpool were performing pretty well but since his absence Liverpool have been on a rapid decline.


2)      2.Dagleish has made some poor choices with his team selections this year. Dagleish may have once been a great manager but the Premier League has improved massively since he won it with Blackburn and he can no longer be considered a great manager. His team selections can be baffling and he has shown tactical naivety in some games e.g. playing Carroll right mid against Spurs when Liverpool were reduced to 9 men


3)      Skrtel and Agger have developed a formidable partnership at the heart of the Liverpool defense and Jamie Carragher has had to settle for a bit part role. I was Skrtel’s biggest critic last season but he has improved immensely is one of only a few success stories this year for the Reds.


4)      Stephen Gerrard is no longer the player he once was. Captain Fantastic has been injured a lot over the past 18 months and has struggled to regain his top form. In the past he has be the main man in the Liverpool team and was solely responsible for winning around 15 points a season for the reds. If Liverpool are to break into the top 4 and challenge for top honors, Gerrard needs to get back to form


5)      The recent signings have been terrible. Henderson Downing Carroll and Adam have all under-performed this season and these players do not have the quality to propel Liverpool back to the top. Surely Damien Comoli’s job should under threat after this.




11 comments on “This will definitely be our year: well if not, maybe next season

  1. Sean Murphy says:

    Very good Article 🙂

  2. James says:

    Even though I don’t support liverpool. I would have to say your right on alot that your saying. I agree with you that Daglish is not a good manager and he talks alot of shit at times. I think Liverpool defence though has been good this season. The signings havent been great but Downing and Andy Carroll have improved lately. Was never going to be easy for downing going from Villa to Liverpool. Same with Carroll going from Newcastle to liverpool. I disagree with you saying camolli’s job must be under treat. He isnt the one that made the signings. Liverpool need alot of players if there going to be challenging soon. Need a centre mid, Winger and a striker and maybe another right back

  3. Noel. says:

    1. Lucas is a great player but great teams don’t suffer as much with the absence of one player.

    2. Spot on.

    3. Spot on.

    4. Gerrard is almost 32. I don’t think he’ll ever be as effective as he’s been in his prime. He has another few years at a high level but not as a leader of a team who’ll finish in the top four.

    5. Again spot on but ‘King Kinny’ is as much at fault as Comoli. The Liverpool fans are too sentimental when it comes to Dalglish. He’s poor and the club are going nowhere with him at the top.

    • jmurphy21 says:

      Younger fans like me dont hold kenny in the same regard as older fans who seen the good times but i totaly agree with you. Dagleish needs to take some blame for the poor signings

  4. stephen says:

    Jose Enrique and Craig Bellamy are the only signings made last summer that deserve a spot in the team(and also were the two cheapest signings made).Henderson and Carroll have been shocking this season but the one thing they have on their side is youth and am willing to give them another season to improve.As for Downing and Adam, they are average prem players and need to improve.Downings best performance this season was against Cardiff in the league cup final which indicates the level he’s currently playing at! Need to make some very good signings this summer to stand a chance of getting back into the top four next season.

  5. Jonathan Roche says:

    Finally someone else who’s copped on about comolli… he’s hopeless! No wonder spurs dumped him all those years ago. Downing is truly awful, henderson has no real position, and carroll & adam just don’t fit our style of play. Comolli is the “headhunter” so I think 90% (dalglish has to have some say) of the blame is on him.
    Think it might be time too that some of the younger players like shelvey, sterling were thrown in. 4th place is long gone after all, nothing to lose really.
    Gonna need one hell of a summer to get anywhere near the top 4 next season!

  6. Rob Deane says:

    Great article James.. First of I just want to say it’s spelt Dalglish haha! I have to agree with all of the above. Lucas for me is the best player in the league at breaking up attacks and dominating the midfield but our squad is wafer thin and missing one player shouldn’t affect us this dramatically.

    I’m not too sure about Dalglish either, as you say some of the team selections have been baffling but I do feel he brings the right kind of football to the club and he definitely deserves one more season. Dalglish cannot be blamed for a lot of the signings because I think it’s Comolli who gets all these players. Kenny was only caretaker manager for 2 weeks when we paid 35million for Carroll so I don’t think Kenny would have had much say in that!

    About Comolli, I hate the idea of a “Director Of Football.” This isn’t a man who has played for or managed a football team, what does he know about signing footballers?? I’ve read the the American Owners have brought in Comolli to use a Stats system like in Baseball. Downing was bought for the stats, last season he delivered the most crosses in the Premier League. They must have though “Downing cross, Carroll goal… It’s all so simple.” Same with Henderson, they saw a young English footballer who last season created the same amount of goal scoring opportunities as Luka Modric. What we see is a below average midfielder who barely stood out playing in a poor Sunderland team.

    As much as the new signings have been poor, it’s still so frustrating to watch us absolutely dominate games all season and drop points. We’ve hit the woodwork about 25 times this season, if only half of those were a few inches inside the post I think we would be sitting in 4th spot. But the fact is we didn’t score those chances because our goalscorers aren’t goalscorers. Andy Carroll is an overpriced prospect who I wish will come good and Luis Suarez does everything but score.
    We are short a world class striker, world class midfielder and a winger who can set up and score goals.

    If we buy some world class players this summer we should push on into that top 4 next season. All isn’t too bad though, we have already won a trophy this year and are two games away from another Wembley Final.

    PS. I’d take Rafa back..

  7. jmurphy21 says:

    Great Rant Rob – loving the passion. yeah the American owners do love there stats. Did you see the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt. it looks like our owners are trying to copy this model. This must not have seen the end of the film as the model fails and the team did not win the trophy.

    Ps. i’ll work on my spellings and no Rafa cant come back.haha

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