Arrivederci, Ciao !!

Well the time has come – after months of writing about everything and anything to do with football my blog is finally coming to an end. I would like to thank everybody who followed my blog over the past 5 months and especially the people who interacted with it by leaving comments.

For my last blog entry I said I would be generous to my followers and give some predictions for the end of the season which may earn the gamblers out there a few bob.

Premier League – Man City
Champions League – Bayern Munich
FA cup – Tottenham
La Liga – Real Madrid
Europa League – Valencia
Euro’s – France (controversial I know)

P.S. I found this video online – its definitely worth a watch:


Trapattoni 23 Man Squad

The European Championships is getting closer and closer and speculation is growing about who will be included in the national team squads and who will be excluded. Giovanni Trapattoni is not known for his surprises especially when it comes to his team selections. (I can never understand why he names his team the day before the match). I was going to write this blog to tell people who I would include should I be Ireland manager but then I thought what would be the point of that so I have just included the players who Trapattoniwill most likely include barring any injuries.






St Ledger












Coleman/ Mclean






As you can see there is only 1 position which I feel is up for grabs and that is between Coleman and Mclean. My money is on Coleman as Trappatoni is a loyal manager.

Anyone disagree with me on Traps possible/probable selection ?

This will definitely be our year: well if not, maybe next season

I must admit I’m one of the Liverpool fans who think at the beginning of each season that Liverpool will end there 20 year drought and win England’s top League. Every summer the reds have made some exciting singings and get all the kopites hopes up yet we always end up disappointed. This season has seen some long awaiting silverware arrive back at Anfield with the League Cup: but this is surely not good enough for a club of Liverpool’s stature. Below are 5 conclusions that sum up Liverpool’s season so far.

1)      Lucas has become the most important player in the Liverpool squad. Before his injury Liverpool were performing pretty well but since his absence Liverpool have been on a rapid decline.


2)      2.Dagleish has made some poor choices with his team selections this year. Dagleish may have once been a great manager but the Premier League has improved massively since he won it with Blackburn and he can no longer be considered a great manager. His team selections can be baffling and he has shown tactical naivety in some games e.g. playing Carroll right mid against Spurs when Liverpool were reduced to 9 men


3)      Skrtel and Agger have developed a formidable partnership at the heart of the Liverpool defense and Jamie Carragher has had to settle for a bit part role. I was Skrtel’s biggest critic last season but he has improved immensely is one of only a few success stories this year for the Reds.


4)      Stephen Gerrard is no longer the player he once was. Captain Fantastic has been injured a lot over the past 18 months and has struggled to regain his top form. In the past he has be the main man in the Liverpool team and was solely responsible for winning around 15 points a season for the reds. If Liverpool are to break into the top 4 and challenge for top honors, Gerrard needs to get back to form


5)      The recent signings have been terrible. Henderson Downing Carroll and Adam have all under-performed this season and these players do not have the quality to propel Liverpool back to the top. Surely Damien Comoli’s job should under threat after this.



What a difference a few weeks can make in Football

What a difference a few weeks can make in Football – 2 weeks ago Arsene Wenger looked like he would be losing his job following Arsenal’s humiliating defeat to AC Milan in the San Siro and after being dumped out of the FA cup by Sunderland. Once again he has proved why he is a top manager and why clubs should not panic into sacking managers. Wenger looked like a broken man when his side were 2 down against their North London Rivals Spurs but the miraculous comeback looks like it could be a game changer in the Gunners fortunes this season. They followed up the derby day victory with an impressive yet somewhat fortunate win against Liverpool in Anfield and now have their sights set firmly on knocking spurs off their perch in 3rd place.

Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal for over 16 years now and in that time they have won numerous League titles and FA cups.  They have qualified for the Champions League each year without fail. Although Wenger has not won any trophies for 7 years no one can deny that the job he has done at Arsenal has been incredible. In the past few years Arsenal has been criticized for its lack of spending and inability to attract marque signings but I feel you cannot blame Wenger for this. Since David Dein has left the club there has definitely been problems in the transfer department and Wenger has had some poor signings. This can surely not be held against him. Every great manager in world football has made bad signings but not many have built teams as successful as Wenger’s and stayed at the top for such a long time. So to every Arsenal fan out there who is calling for Wenger to leave I put it to you: Would you prefer to have an excellent manager with relative success and a very stable club or would you like your club to be run like Chelsea ?

They have had 8 managers in 8 years and unless the manager can win the League or the Champions League they will be sacked. AVB was definitely not the man for Chelsea but Abramovich has created a very unhealthy culture at Stamford Bridge which has left the club as the laughing stock of the English game.