Is the Champions League in Decline?

For some reason I have failed to get excited with this season’s Champions League. As a Liverpool fan I naturally have less interest in the competition when we are not involved but taking all other factors into account I still feel this season has been missing a spark. The quality of football has seriously declined in the past few years. Uefa changed the rules to allow smaller clubs from poor leagues to qualify for the group stages and this has taken away from the prestige of the competition. The group stages have become boring and very predictable (Manchester Utd being an exception this year). At the beginning of the group stages it would have been very easy to select group winners and runners up and the majority of these teams qualified).

In the past there would not be a Tuesday or Wednesday night where I would not be plonked in front of the TV with the Champo League on but this year has been different. Bayern Munich vs. Basel is on tonight and I am seriously considering watching something else instead. Am I the one who has changed or does anyone find this game very unappealing?

The fact that the English clubs have been so poor this year is the only logical answer which I can think of. Manchester City and Utd both exited the competition in the group stages and Arsenal and Chelsea are on the brink. This is a reflection of the decline in the premier league over the past two seasons. The quality of football and especially defending has decreased dramatically this season e.g. Arsenal losing 4-0 and Chelsea being beaten 3-1 by Napoli.

Lets just hope Liverpool can qualify for next years competition and bring back memories such as this:


15 comments on “Is the Champions League in Decline?

  1. Ciaran Noonan says:

    United Will be back next season , as for liverpool, they’ll never be a force in europe again! There wont be a team get near barcelona untill messi leaves!

  2. James says:

    They changed the rules because the same teams are qualifying all the time and its boring. I will be watching the game. Think it should be good. Bayern good side to watch.

  3. Cian says:

    Agreed, standard has been appalling so far. Excellent stuff!

  4. blake says:

    jamo, ur a sky sports whooore! champo league hasnt declined at all. barcelona are arguably the best team of all time, real madrid are far stronger now than they have been for the last ten years! bayern have some unreal talents in the likes of ribery and robben. milan look like they mean business with a draw in the nou camp and hammering arsenal. even the likes of cska snatching a point against madrid last night, that tie is still in the balance. as for the group stages, were u watching man citys group at all??? napoli have played some unreal football this year with cavani, lavezzi and hamsik! and the dirty mancs group, that gave great entertainment to see the mancs crash out at the hands of basel! ul have to get down off ur scouse high horse and realise theres more to football that the pl and liverpool!!

  5. stephen says:

    Its been shocking this year alrite!should change it back to de old format!having all the best teams in europe made it a lot more interesting!

  6. blake says:

    hope ur not watching corrie jamo, this game is a cracker, could be 3-3!

  7. Del Boy says:

    I long for the days when Red Star Belgrade were the kingpins of Europe

  8. Totally agree. Champions league is gone to the dog, don’t know what to do with my Tuesday and Wednesday nights anymore

  9. Shane says:

    Too much soccer on television, James. It has reached saturation point.

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