Football Funnies

The past week has seen many contentious issues in the footballing world which has caused much debate and discussion about the game we all love. Instead about talking about all great goals and excellent performances we have been left talking about racism tax evasion and handshakes. In order to keep my sanity and to ensure that we don’t get carried away by these serious incidents I have decided to dedicate my blog this week to some of footballs lighter moments.
No one can deny that we all love to watch Football bloopers and the below video is a compilation of some of my favourites.
Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.


3 comments on “Football Funnies

  1. Seanf says:

    ha ha great article Jamo how long did that take? All of 5 minutes I d say!

  2. jmurphy21 says:

    Not about Quantity its about Quality – and that video is quality

  3. Cian says:

    Consistent as always…Good stuff!

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